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Pole Theatre Hungary

15 June 2019

Pole Theatre Hungary is a prestigous international pole competition, part of the Pole Theatre series, also known as the most entertaining pole competitions of the world, with famous international pole stars in the judging panel. The competition is based on 4 categories (Art, Drama, Comedy and Classique) and has 2 levels (semi-pro and pro), and the best will qualify of Pole Theatre World! 

Pole Theatre is the niche for those who do not like being bound by the strictest rules but dare and wish to take the stage and have their own style. Those who have a story to tell. So, what is YOUR story?

Application closes on 31th March 2019. Hurry up!

Judges: Yvonne SMINK, Daniel ROSEN, Saulo SARMIENTO and Sarah SCOTT

Venue: MOMkult (1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18.)

"Tell your story!"