PLEASE NOTE: Competitors must sign this document and return it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with email subject “Signed Rules” along with their application. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Date and venue

Pole Theatre Hungary will be held on Okcrober 17, 2020.

Venue is Hungary’s most famous contemporary dance theatre, MOM Kult (1124 Budapest, Csörsz utca 18., https://momkult.hu/).

Organizers: Rúdvilág Kft. and Esenart Kft.


Pole Theatre Hungary is an international competition. Entry is open to national and international competitors.

Any entrants aged under 18 are permitted to enter Pole Art, Pole Comedy or Pole Drama with express written consent from a parent or guardian, which must be submitted along with their application. Entrants under 18 are not permitted to enter Pole Classique, even with parental consent.

Competitors may get into the finals based on their video application, judged by an international jury.


Applicants can submit their entry on www.poletheatrehungary.com.

Application starts on 15.03.2020. 00:00

Application closes on

Application fee is HUF 12 000, payable simultaneously with the application via PayPal on www.poletheatrehungary.com. In case of a group, the entry fee must be paid per performance, not per persons. Should a competitor enter more than one category, the application fee is payable per category.

Additional costs regarding the transfer will also born with the applicant. Failure to pay the application fee at the same time with the application will result in disqualification. The application fee may only be refunded in case the competition fails to take place through the fault of the Organizer (i.e., not getting into the finals is not a ground for claiming back the application fee).

Applicants will be selected based on two elements:


  1. The applicant's description of their proposed Pole Theatre performance; and


  1. A video entry of a previous performance, either a live performance or a performance based on the competitor’s intended Pole Theatre category. It is not compulsory for the video submitted to be of the entrant’s intended performance, but keep in mind that a performance in accordance with the description of the performance will help the judges understand the entrant’s vision.


Detailed guidelines for the video entry can be found in the document titled Video Entry Rules.


The use of stage names are allowed.


Announcement of the final competitors


The chosen competitors (as well as the reserves who may be selected by the judges) will be announced within 2 weeks after the end date of the entry submission period, on http://www.facebook.com/PoleTheatreHungary and on www.poletheatrehungary.com. Furthermore, the selected competitors will be notified via their email. Competitors must confirm their participation in the contest within 3 working days after the notification. Should they fail to do so, the Organizer has the right to contact the next substitute competitor in line. Substitute competitors will be notified at least 3 weeks before the competition in email. Substitute competitors must also confirm their participation within 3 working days after their notification.

Categories and levels

Contestants may enter Pole Theatre Hungary on 2 levels and in 4 categories within both levels. 5 contestants (plus 1-3 reserve, based on the judges’ discretion) in each category will be able to enter the finals. An applicant may enter more than one category, in which case the entry fee must be paid per category.

  • Pole Theatre Hungary levels

Semi-pro: applicants who have not reached 1-3. place in a national or international competition and who did not win first place in any Pole Theatre competition's Amateur category.

Pro: applicants who have reached 1-3. Place in a national or international pole competition, or have won the semi-pro category of any Pole Theatre competition, as well as persons who regularly give pole dance performances.

Pole Theatre Hungary (2020) will not have an Amateur category.

  • Pole Theatre Hungary categories


Competitors in this category must incorporate a specific dance style (e.g. lyrical, contemporary, commercial, latin, ballet, etc) in their piece to create an artistic performance.

In their entry, they must state a theme and a dance style. The judges will decide if the competitor is capable of expressing the chosen theme through the chosen dance style. Judges will look for artistic expression, musicality and flow.

Applicants should create a performance where they interpret their chosen theme on the pole in an artistic fashion, with the help of movement, dance and music.

Failure to incorporate another style of dance will result in an immediate 5 point deduction.


Competitors in this category must tell a story with their performance. Competitors will be expected to build a clear storyline in their performance. The story must be clear. It is not enough to choose a theme or a motif. The story must have a premise, development and conclusion.

For example, “My story will be about love and loss” is not sufficient.

The description should be more explicit and detailed in describing the storyline, for example: “My story will be about a young woman who is in love with someone who does not love her back. No matter how she tries to gain the love and affection of the chosen man, he remains untouchable in spite of her efforts. Ultimately, she realises she must accept rejection, and in doing so she learns that she must face her own demons to be able to move forward and find happiness. My story will finish when she steps forward out of the darkness and into the light, representing that she has resolved to move forward and be strong on her own.”

In the second description, the storyline is clear and the judges will be able to see if the competitor has effectively conveyed their message to the audience.


This category is for performers who wish to incorporate humorous and comedic elements into their piece. Competitors will be judged on how well they entertain and engage the audience.


This category is for performers who wish to celebrate the beauty and art of the sexy/sensual style of pole dance and striptease. Competitors in this category must wear high heels for at least 1 minute of their performance and they are expected to remove at least one item of clothing/costume during their performance. Underwear must be kept on throughout the performance and in case of female performers, the bra should not be removed either. The removal of underwear or bra will result in an immediate deduction of 5 points. Failure to wear high heels or failure to remove an item of clothing will result in an immediate deduction of 5 points. (Maximum 10 points can be deducted from a competitor.) Performances of the Classique category should remain within the frames of good taste and erotica, thus they must not be vulgar or pornographic, they must not aim to scandalize and they must not be immoral. In case these rules are violated, the judges and/or the Organizer has the right to disqualify the contestant or stop an already ongoing performance. In such a case, performer may not have any claim against the Organizer.

Props, costume, etc.

Competitors are allowed to use any props, sets, costuming, additional performers, sound effects, performance apparatus or footwear, provided that:

- it can be delivered to the stage and it has enough space on stage, and

- it can be set up and removed completely in under 2 minutes, and

- the applicants specifies it in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the competition.


During the finals, 2 LupitPole competition poles will be available on stage, each 4 meters in height and 45 millimeters in diameter, both made of stainless steel and 3 meters apart. There will be 2 meters of free space in front of, next to and behind each pole. When facing the stage, the left pole will be static and the one on the right spinning (both functions must be used during performance). Between each performances the poles will be cleaned. Grips may be used both on poles and the body, but no wax on the poles. The competitor may choose to give instructions to the pole monkeys to grip the pole for him/her, or do it for himself/herself during the break before his/her performance, after the poles have been cleaned.

Music, lighting

Competitors must also state in advance their requests for sound and lighting. They must also send their selected piece of music (in the format stated by Organizer) in email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with the name of the composer, the performing artist and title. The same piece of music (or its similar cover) cannot be used more than once within a level. In case the same piece of music is selected, the contestant who later specified their preferred piece of music must select another piece. It is not considered a collision if a small snippet of the same song is incorporated in a mix. In case of a collision, Organizer will notify the contestants immediately. Organizer will notify competitors of the available sound and lighting at least 4 weeks before the competition, along with the form with which they can request their preferred settings. Any piece of music may be selected, either instrumental or with vocals, under the condition that it does not offend any religious beliefs, it does not express immoral content and the lyrics do not contain profanity.


Performances must be between 3.5 and 4.5 minutes long.

Rules regarding the Finals

Competitors must arrive at the venue at their allocated time and date for rehearsals as well as the competition. In case competitor needs additional time to get ready for stage, it is competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the venue in advance and be ready to rehearse or perform at the allocated time. Organizer is not responsible for transportation of competitors.

Competitor must warm up and stretch properly before going on stage. Warming up and stretching should be performed before rehearsals as well, in case competitor wishes to rehearse a part or the whole performance. Organizer will not be liable for injuries resulting from the lack of mentioned preparations.

Competitors are prohibited from consuming alcohol or any substances that might influence their mental or physical capacities in any way, prior to rehearsal or the competition. Violation of the above mentioned may result in the disqualification of the competitor for one or more year, and competitor will also be obligated to reimburse Organizer for any damages caused.

Any significant changes to the performance as described in the application are not permitted without Organiser approval. Competitors MUST ADVISE the Organiser at least 2 weeks before the competition if there will be a clean up required after their performance or if they have any special requests, and must gain written Organiser approval.

In case of lack of written approval, the Organizer is not obligated to comply with competitors’ requests. Organizer will do everything in their power to meet any special requests. In case of additional costs, competitors must reimburse Organizer.

Insurance, limitation of liability

Competitors have to present their insurance covering any potential injuries arising from the competition. Organizers exclude any and all liabilities regarding the competitors injuries and damages, unless such is the consequence of gross negligence or wilful misconduct of them.

Organizers reserve the right to amend parameters of the event (including but not limited to the brand / type of the poles, heights, diameters, stage settings, date of the event or schedule), also make any amendments regarding the competition and exclude any liabilities arising from it. However, Organizers are obliged to publish such information on the event’s FB page in due time and without delay.


Based on the scores, there’ll be a winner announced in each category on each level (e.g., a winner of Semi-Pro Art, a winner of Pro Drama, etc.) Based on the final scores, the jury announces the ultimate winner on each level. No other places will be distributed, however competitors will receive their scores, supported with any potential comments from the jury members within 2 weeks from the competition date to their e-mail address. Such comments have to be treated as confidential, thus competitors and not entitled to disclose any part of it (except for their ranking).

Qualification for Pole Theatre World

Winners of Pole Theatre Hungary may apply to Pole Theatre World, which is open only for winners of Pole Theatre competitions around the world. Further details on this will be communicated with the winners following the competition.


All communications regarding Pole Theatre Hungary will be sent to the competitor’s e-mail provided at the time of application. Competitors are obliged to notify the Organizers about any significant changes pertaining their personal data, circumstances that may affect their participation (e.g. injury, visa problems, etc.) in writing without delay. Any damages arising from non-compliance of the above shall be born with the competitor. The Organizers e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Notices should be sent to this email address only.

Rights to Photos/videos

Competitors are aware and agree that they’ll be filmed and/or photographed during the event (including backstage photos). They furthermore agree on the use, disclosure of such photos or videos regarding Pole Theatre Hungary and/or any marketing purpose attached to the event and waive all rights to those photos and videos, without compensation. Any and all rights to those photos, videos and other recordings will remain with the Organizers.

Competitors must sign this document and return it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

with email subject “Signed Rules_name”. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


I have understand and expressly agree on the above Rules and the Video Entry Rules.